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New Trend: Cupcake Liner Banners

I've been seeing cupcake liner banners everywhere recently. Who would have ever thought to use this often overlooked paper for decorative banners over favor tables? It's a great, crafty idea that even the most budget-conscience bride or party hostess can afford. Kelli from My Lovely Life even incorporated coffee filters to vary the size of her garland.

Image 1 (Utah Loves Cupcakes), Image 2 (Happy Katie), Image 3 (My Lovely Life), Image 4 (My Cakies)


Madame Sucre said...

this is a very simple and affordable idea! Plus it goes very well with a cupcake party theme.. or anyparty actually! ..keep up the great work on the blog! love it!

Sweetly Sweet said...

Cool idea! Keep the good things coming!

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