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Featured: Nevie Pie Cakes

I stumbled upon Natasha Collins' company, Nevie Pie Cakes, while doing a search for gingerbread houses, and found a treasure trove of painted desserts. Her award-winning, fondant-covered gingerbread houses are hand-painted with shabby chic designs that leave her creations less rustic and more sophisticated.

Natasha gave me a few tidbits about her entrance into the baking/painting world:
"I first made a gingerbread house last year for the Origins Eco House competition, which I won! Then I made one for the Brighton Open House exhibition. I love the cuteness of little houses and I have taken on birds and bird houses as something of a theme. I was a textile designer for nearly 12 years which is why I paint, my piping skills are terrible!"
I have a hard time believing that any of Natasha's dessert decorating skills are even slightly rusty, but I'll take her word for it. Did you notice the little bicycle, mailbox, and table and chairs with the second house? What about the composting pile and recycling bins in the first pic? That little house won the Origins Eco House competition that spurred Natasha to continue crafting tiny houses.

Check out Natasha's Flickr photostream and blog to see more of her designs.


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Those look amazing!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Wow! Her painting is gorgeous! Insane you can do that on cake!

Thanks for the blogroll add!

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