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Quick, Easy, Edible Centerpieces

I love that each of these centerpieces incorporate inexpensive components, but still manage to look chic. To keep a tight budget under control, while decorating a long holiday table, opt for red carnations instead of roses or tulips. When bunched and in abundance, carnations look just as lush and luxurious as any other snooty flower. If you ask me, they've really gotten a bad rep because of all those high school prom corsages. Skip the baby's breath and ribbon and let carnations shine on their own.

Give carnations another chance.

Lollipop bucket (Real Simple), Red hot bouquet (Martha Stewart), Candy cane bouquet (Demand Studios)


Madame Sucre said...

i love this collection of edible centerpieces!! nothing is thrown away ,... all is eaten :)

Sweetly Sweet said...

Lovely ideas! I love the one with the lollipops!

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