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Featured: Franklin Street Bakery

I've loved Franklin Street Bakery since we moved to Minnesota a few years ago. When we got married, my husband started the tradition of reordering the top tier of our wedding cake for our anniversary. Well, after moving, he had to find another bakery for our anniversary cake. Each year, we order a different flavor combination, we're never disappointed.

This cake is so similar to this one that fashion designer Betsey Johnson designed. Betsey's was inspired by her Spring 2009 collection.
The cookies are huge, not little bite-sized nuggets. I probably should have shared one with my husband, but...
Cupcakes that look like mashed potatoes and gravy, corn cobs, and peas and carrots? This would be perfect for Thanksgiving after-dinner treats.

Franklin Street Bakery's cake order form allows you to mix and match cake flavors, frostings, and toppings. With fillings like marmalade, white chocolate mousse, and truffle to go between each cake layer, the options seem endless. If you haven't been to Franklin, swing by their shop or check out their Flickr gallery for a little more eye candy.

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Katie said...

The peas cupcake....I LOVE IT!!

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