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Behind the Scenes: Nonpareil Magazine Feature

Here are a few more prep shots as we get ready for the Nonpareil Magazine photo shoot. Lots of deliveries showed up at the office. Not only did my assistant show up with bedhead and pajamas on, she didn't handle the task in a very professional manner.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm busy prepping for a Nonpareil Magazine photo shoot later this week. I've started grouping some of the items together so I can be sure I have all of my materials for each set-up. Here are a couple of shots.
I'll grab more pictures along the way, including some from the shoot as we set up the dessert table and put the finishing touches on set details.


Party Box Design said...

wow, that is suuuuper exciting!

i dream of being featured!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Thanks PBD! I'm very excited, too. The June issue has an amazing theme, so I'm equally excited to see what the other contributors come up with, too.

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