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Magpie's Cake

When a world-class ballerina decides to pursue a career in baking, you just know the results are going to be beautifully elegant with a sophisticated flair for symmetry and details. While perusing Eat Drink Chic yesterday, I came across Amy's post about Magpie's Cake and just had to check out cake artist Maggie LaBaugh's portfolio.

I'm head-over-heels for the delicate, translucent layers on this cake. I've never seen anything like it.
I usually find off-center cakes a little too gimmicky, but this one still manages to be refined and dignified. That flower looks like it's balancing on its tiptoe.
Just look at this detail work. Each petal looks so weightless and fluid.
Each of these cakes stands as a testament to artist Maggie's skilled, delicate handiwork. Although they look effortlessly graceful, they are very labor-intensive designs.

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SweetThingsTO said...

oh wow - her designs are so soft, elegant and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing her website.

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