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No-Bake, No Sweat!

The last thing you need in the dog days of Summer is a blazing oven heating up the entire house. These no-bake treats are so easy, you won't even break a sweat.

This chocolate-mint icebox cake only has five ingredients and takes 20 minutes to prep. 
If you loved the gourmet rice crispy treats I shared with you last week, try to create your own. This 5-ingredient stunner only takes ten minutes to prep! Get creative and add some unexpected toppings.
The drizzles on these peanut butter oatmeal bars remind me of paint splatters. Surprise your favorite little crafter or painter with these treats. Customize the colors by using white chocolate, instead a milk chocolate, and coloring it to any hue you choose.
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Yvie said...

Gourmet rice crispie treats? Where's that post!? I'd love to check that one out too :)

Yvie x

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

My apologies, Yvie. I forgot to include the link. Here it is. The treats are at the end of this post.

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