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Tasting Tour: The Great MN Get Together!

Last week, I told you showed you a butter bust and these great MN State Fair posters for this year's event. This weekend, we went to the fair for a free outdoor concert and we made a second trip to check out all of the great desserts. I acted as event photographer, so I'm behind the lens. Maddy of Inspired Bride and her husband also joined us for the food fest.

Our first stop was the dairy barn to get fresh ice cream made by Minnesota's dairy farmers. We also met one of the Princess Kay of the Milky Way finalists and watched the sculptor carve her butter bust. The other blocks of butter will soon be carved with the other finalists' faces, and Princess Kay's bust will be in the middle on a higher pedestal. Each finalist spends 8 hours in the cooler!  
Next, we bought some huge cups of fresh-squeezed lemonade and went down the giant slide. Our next dessert stop was at the chocolate covered strawberry booth. Maddy thought she would get one strawberry (like at most chocolate shops) but she got five berries, and of course they were on a stick!
While her husband enjoyed his fried cheesecake, we nibbled on funnel cake. It's just not a proper fair without funnel cake.
We went to the baby barn to see the new baby chicks, ducks, pigs, and goats. Then, we decided to get some cookies from Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar. These cookies are a Minneapolis staple, and you'll often see people walking around with an entire bucket overflowing with warm, soft chocolate chip cookies. We opted for the smaller, but still heaping helping of cookies in a cone before walking to the All You Can Drink for $1 milk stand.
Our final food stop was to a little candy shop where Maddy found gummy bears-on-a-stick. A few of those bundled together would be a great thank you bouquet for a flower girl.
I checked out the woodland creature gummies on a stick. These would be fun favors for a kid's party with an animal or wood theme. Simply tie a thick strand of twine around the stick to complete the natural vibe.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sugary, deep-fried goodness of the MN State Fair. What fair foods do you love?

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