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Dessert Table: A Blast From the Past

This dessert table looks yummy, and honestly, what dessert table doesn't? But it's made even more delicious by the way it was shot. The lighting in each shot makes the food look like it's part of a yellowed, dog eared vintage poster. Couldn't you just imagine finding these images in the attic in a dusty, old shoebox?
This casually-arranged display was created by Sweet and Saucy Shop, and the pie pops, candy apples, and chocolate cakeballs all compliment the homey look of the buttercream-frosted, heart-topped cake.
Those little pie pops appear to be growing from a planter lined with Spanish moss. What wonder what seeds you have to plant to make that garden grow. Yum! Which treat is your favorite?

Have a great weekend!

Images (Our Blog of Love)

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