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Dessert Table: Intimate Garden Party

I came across this beautifully simple garden party dessert table on Inspired By This. I'm really into the idea of celebrating the bonds of family and friends for no particular reason at all. It's always great to slow down and make some time for each other without having to worry about buying a new outfit, brushing up on your dancing skills, or thinking up socially-acceptable conversation topics for the slew of weddings, birthdays, and holidays we go to every year.
This aerial view is as pretty as the frontal image. Powder blue popcorn cups, light pink cupcakes, and white chocolate cake balls are the kinds of comfort food that childhood is made of.
You can just see how comfortable the guests are, and how effortlessly fun this non-event event was.

An intimate, backyard party among loved ones means no pretense, no awkward small talk, and no seating charts, or lengthy guest lists. So tell me, have you ever thrown an intimate party? What was your favorite memory from that day?


PartyMom said...

Hi there! I don't know how I ended up here, but I'm so glad I did!

This party is so pretty, and you are absolutely right. Not only is a party for loved ones more fun from a conversational perspective, but it's less stressful since they care less about small mistakes. Great post!

The Demoiselle said...

Simply Stunning! Love the intimate feel of small celebrations.

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