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A Sweet and Spicy Shower

Showers, whether they're for weddings or babies, usually revolve around bingo games, pin the tail on the whatever, and toilet paper. Shower hosts are always encouraging us to create wedding gowns or measure the mom-to-be's stomach with toilet paper, aren't they? So, it's refreshing to see an intimate shower get as much attention-to-detail and styling as a larger event (and it doesn't hurt to incorporate a little candy).
100 Layer Cake featured this feminine, sophisticated shower, which was styled by Gus and Ruby Letterpress. The bride-to-be's sweet and spicy personality was symbolized throughout the event, by adding rock candy and peppers to the invitation boxes and creating a signature cocktail.
Guests were asked to wear sweet pink clothes or spicy red attire to match their personalities, and custom name tags really got everyone in the party spirit.
Custom cinnamon sugar favors were free for the taking.
Wouldn't you just love to be a guest at such a pretty, well-planned shower? It's small and intimate enough that guests can really enjoy the great details that they might overlook in a crowded reception hall.

images (Shyla Dalirifar and Brea McDonald)

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