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Dessert Table: Literary Love

A little while back, I discussed the dressers/bureau/hutch dessert table trend that I noticed emerging at several events. I've also shared this, this, and this booky/nerdy/geeky desserts with you. Today's post combines both trends. Green Wedding Shoes featured this sweetly geeky shelved dessert table.

When these two college sweethearts selected a library for their wedding reception, their planner Esther Kim of My Bride Story helped them incorporate a library card catalog and Scrabble tiles into their dessert display.
By staying true to their venue and their relationship background, this couple created a truly personalized dessert table that incorporated two emerging trends and had special meaning for them. It doesn't get any better.

Have a great weekend. See you back here Monday!


postcards and pretties said...

such a great idea!! i love this!!

Sandi said...

oh my goodness! this is amazing!

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