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DIY Macaron Favor Bags and Printables

If you saw yesterday's Target Halloween dessert table, then today's post will probably make you think I'm obsessed with the store but I'll risk it. About a month ago, I ran to Target upon reports that they are now carrying macarons. That's right, authentic French macarons! At Target! The flavors were perfection and the price was so right that I had to design a little favor bag for them. Jen of Green Wedding Shoes kindly shared my favor bags with her readers, and I wanted to share them with you, too.
After sampling each delectable flavor, I was inspired to design a favor bag befitting these little morsels of affordable luxury. I dressed up glassine favor bags with custom made, printable Thank You labels.
In honor of the macaron’s French origins, each label features a bold “Merci” as well as the flavor name in French. Six color-coordinated labels boast of the single yummy treat inside: Macaron au Citron (Lemon), Macaron a la Framboise (Raspberry), Macaron a la Vanille (Vanilla), Macaron au Pistache (Pistachio), Macaron au Cafe (Coffee), and Macaron au Chocolat (Chocolate).

As with yesterday's project, these favor bags are very easy to make with the simplest tools (and macarons, of course). Here's what you need:

Color printer
Glassine favor bags (can be found here)
X-acto Knife
Double-sided tape

1. Download the label graphic. Follow the directions in the PDF for printer settings, label folding tips, and cutting advice.
2. Add a finishing touch to the bags and scallop the top with a pair of pinking shears or a rotary cutter.
3. Add macarons and fold down bag opening.
4. Affix the color-coordinated label using double-sided tape.
5. To maintain freshness and avoid food stains on the bag, line it with parchment paper.
6. VoilĂ ! You’re ready to treat your guests to a little taste of Paris.

Be sure to check your local Super Target's bakery section for macarons. I strongly suggest buying the 12-pk. Six just isn't enough. Have a great weekend.


JC's Loft said...

I just moved to a town with no Target...I know! So this is good to know!!!!!

J+S said...

Thanks for the tip on the macarons. I love them and can't believe Target carries them. I am having some trouble downloading the graphic. When I click on it, it just takes me to my blogger home page and I don't know what to do.

Love your blog!


J+S said...

P.S. I'm featuring this post on my blog too.


Lisa said...

Ditto what J+S said regarding trying to download printables. I think I've just started a blog!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Everyone,

I think I've fixed the link. If it still doesn't work, try the one posted here.

Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

I was also ecstatic when I saw Target macarons and had to buy a pack immediately! Thanks for the fabulous printables - I'll be sure to use them at my next soiree!

Sandi said...

Macaroons at Target?! I had no idea...

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