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10 Days of Craftsmas!: Day 6 - Jingle Bell Gift Card Holder

I've got two posts in store for you today. The second is a great cupcake bar idea, but let's start the day with the sixth day of the 10 Days of Craftsmas. Perhaps you've already checked out the Sweet Holiday Gift Guide and still can't find the perfect present for a special someone.

Maddy of Somewhere Splendid and I have the perfect solution. The Jingle Bell Gift Card Holder will transform a gift card from an impersonal afterthought to a pretty, reusable gift. Want to make one? Check out the tutorial and see more pretty pics.

pinking shears
sewing machine or needle and thread
1/2" jingle bells


Cut a rectangle of felt with pinking shears that is 1" wider than the gift card and two and a half times the height of the card. Fold the bottom of the felt rectangle over so that it forms a pocket about an inch larger than the height of the card. Sew the left, bottom, and right edges of the folded over area to form the pocket.
Sew a single jingle bell about ½”h from the top edge of the pocket, centered horizontally. Fold the flap over the pocket and cut a ¾” slit over where it hits the jingle bell. Insert the gift card into the pocket, then push the bell through the slit to close.

Forget a big, bulky wallet. These felt envelopes can be reused for corralling an ID and debit card in a small clutch for a dressy night out. Make them square rather than rectangular, and they'd also make great cookie envelopes and favors.

If you're  joining the Craftsmas fun midstream, be sure to check out all of the projects in this holiday DIY series here.


Rowaida said...

Love your DIY holiday projects!

Wendy Walker Cushing said...

Cute idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing! I saw this on WhipperBerry.

Leoni said...

Ooooo, I love this idea, might "borrow" it for next year to make my advent calendar for 2011.

Julia @AllFreeChristmasCrafts said...

I added this project and thumbnail to our site and linked to you. We are looking for more Christmas project as well as other projects, so if you have any similar projects please feel free to let me know.

Anonymous said...

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talha said...

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