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The 10 Days of Craftsmas!

Last week, I had a few double posts instead of my typical one post per day. In case you missed any, be sure to also check out The Gift Guide I compiled featuring lots of delicious goodies for your friends and family in the US and abroad. You can also read my Star Tribune interview on holiday dessert table and decor ideas. Now, on to today's holiday goodness!
Today is the first day of The 10 Days of Craftsmas! Along with my friend Maddy Hague of Somewhere Splendid, I designed ten holiday crafts and favors for you to recreate for your festivities. We have some great printables, easy recipes, and festive decor ideas along with tutorials and how-tos to help you bring it all together. Whether you want to create a homemade holiday, find new craft ideas, or just look at pretty pictures, this series is for you. I'll be back with the first craft later today, so check back for that. 

Follow along all ten days and have yourself a Merry Craftsmas!

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