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Cocoa Couples

This summer, I shared this photo shoot trend with you. I still plan to have one of these fun baking fests in some fabulous kitchen for family photos some day. Lately, I've noticed the "couples with food" trend has taken a decidedly winter-y turn. 

Green Wedding Shoes featured this inspirational Camilla Photography photo shoot of a couple stylishly sipping cocoa in a winter wood. The fur shrug and the can of pink peppermint cookies are just fabulous. What a great mix of luxe and everyday pleasures.
Emily Steffen, who photographed this and this design of mine, braved an eight degree Minnesota day to take these cocoa-centric pics with a happily engaged couple. This couple chose a more relaxed vibe for their shoot. It really looks as though they were just walking down this path, enjoying cocoa, and a few moments of fun before running inside to sit in front of a fire.
I've gotten used to the Minnesota climate over the years, but I have to admit, both of these couples have earned my respect for facing these conditions for their shoots.

Have you taken some fun baking or hot chocolate pics this winter?

couple 1 (Camilla Photography), couple 2 (Emily Steffen Photography)


Tara Odebrecht said...

What a cute pair of photo shoots. I was just talking with my photographer about how cute an outdoor Minnesota winter shoot would be!

Lisa @ all things * jane said...

Totally love the style of that first couple! The mugs, the clothing, the hair...very classy.

Emily Steffen said...

Oh Ms. Shauna, I love you and I love your blog posts! :) :) :) Those bride and groom shots are TERIFFIC! :)

Domestically Dysfunctional said...

These look like some wonderful and warming desserts to go with my Southwest Chicken Soup! Way to keep Minnesotans warm! :D

Heidi M. said...

LOVE! Winter shoots might be turning into my new favorite thing! :)

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