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Dessert Table: A Taste of Italia

Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion showcased this charming country dessert table, which was designed and photographed by Chiara of Le Frufrù, Valentina of Cut and Paste, and Michela. Although it's pegged as an inspirational Christmas shoot, the three Italian designers who styled it could easily make this display work year round.

It appears the bureau trend I wrote about here, here, and here is alive and well, even overseas.
This table has so many great touches. Various colors of yarn balls in apothecary jars are easy additions to any design. Simply open up a drawer on your buffet to reveal jars of homemade granola or homemade preserves. I really love the crochet, doily-inspired cookies. What a stead hand those must have taken. They look flawless.

What's your favorite part?


Rowaida said...

Simply beautiful!

le Frufrù said...

thank you for sharing!
I'm so happy!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

le Frufrù,

It was my pleasure to share your design. One of my Facebook followers loved your usage of the egg trays to display the cake ball pops. Very creative!



Valentina said...

Thanks for sharing our work :)

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