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A Sweet Christmas Countdown

It's December 1st, and that means only a few short weeks until Christmas. While there are a lot of cute advent calendar ideas floating around the blogosphere right now, Epicurious' Christmas cookie countdown is my favorite way to mark the 25 days.
I know tackling all 25 is probably out of the question, so here are a few of my favorites. These lemon cookies come dressed for the season when coated with colored sanding sugar.
Stained glass ornament cookies are deceptively simple to make.
Don't have the time to make the ornaments? These chocolate sandwich cookies are rolled in peppermint candies to deliver all the holiday oomph without the holiday hassle.

For all of you who loved my Fall dessert table and yesterday's seasonal display, be sure to come back tomorrow for a truly winter-y sugar fest.

Swing by later today for a sweet kickoff to Hanukkah, which starts today. 

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