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Behind the Scenes: Mpls Photo Center Workshop

A few weeks ago, I shared some sneak peeks of a project I was undertaking with photog Emily Steffen. The Mpls Photo Center was the venue for Emily's first photography workshop. She was going to teach students the art of photography, give tips on how to run a successful photography business, and some other tricks of the trade. To really give the students some hands-on practice, Emily needed some great wedding details for them to shoot.

She asked me to design a dessert table for the fictional wedding, and we along with florist Melissa of Sadie's Floral, Abby of the Mpls Photo Center, and Bethany of b*spoke collaborated to come up with the concept. I gathered these images (and a few more) to help get us all on the same page for the event's look. Stylist Bethany wanted a modern, graphic look, which I think is reflected in the board I created. She also opted for a poppy red color, rather than true orange.
Emily captured some of the students at work.
I'll be back with some more pics of the dessert table.  In the meantime, enjoy today's second post, which I'll share with you shortly. It's a wickedly fun dessert table that also has a graphic, bold color palette. See you soon!

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Rowaida said...

Very interesting!This looks so much fun. I can't wait to see your dessert table Shauna.

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