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Sweet Sushi!

Last week, I shared this incredibly realistic asparagus cake with you. Over the weekend, I came across another life-like treat on Pinterest. This bento box of dessert sushi by Jennifer McFadden of Death by Cucpake was made for a little girl's Asian-themed birthday party. Jennifer describes the treats on her Flickr page.
The rice is rice krispie treats, the shrimp is vanilla tootsie rolls that are handpainted with food coloring, the seaweed is fruit rollups, the tuna are airheads, and the guts of the rolls are gummy worms, twizzlers and other flavored tootsie rolls.
I think most kids would enjoy this bento box more than a sampling of California rolls and seaweed wraps. What do you think?

image: via Pinterest

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Rowaida said...

Wow!Love it what a wonderful and creative idea and looks delicious!

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