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DIY Cake Bunting Tutorial

My good friend Maddy of Inspired Bride noticed how popular buntings have become for cake toppers and thought we should create a tutorial to show you how to make your own. She shot these lovely photos, and I made a pear spice caramel cake for this project. Minnesota Bride, Wisconsin Bride, and Arizona Bride were all kind enough to share the tutorial with their readers. 
This is such a simple way to dress up a homemade cake. I hope you'll try it. Enjoy!

double stick tape
ribbon in various colors, 1” and 2” wide
white cotton string
bamboo barbeque skewers (Available at your local grocery store)
Wrap a piece of double stick tape around one of your bamboo skewers, about an inch or two from the top. (The exact positioning is ultimately your preference.) Leaving an extra 1.5" loose, begin to wrap your string around the skewer until it has covered all of the tape neatly. Do not cut the string from its ball or spool. Tie the excess 1.5" with the string portion attached to the ball or spool into a double know to hold the string in place.
Set the skewer on a table, and angle it as you wish for it to be displayed on your cake. Set out a second skewer, also tilted at a mirrored version of the same angle, as far away as you plan for them to be on the cake. Roll out string so that it bridges the two skewers with some slack and forms a soft curve. Repeat the attachment process from step one on the second skewer.
Cut 2” lengths of each color of your ribbon. Set aside in ordered piles so you can work quickly. 
To attach each flag, line each piece of ribbon with double stick tape. Center the ribbon length vertically along the ribbon, then fold it over on itself. Press down to secure, ensuring the cotton string is flush with the fold.
Cut a shallow “v” shape into the ribbon for a banner look. If you prefer the squared off look, this step can be optional.

Continue to attach flags across the length of string. Keep each flag as evenly spaced as possible. Attach additional flag strings as desired.
Insert the bunting into the cake. Do not pull out and reposition – it will make the skewer’s hole too big in some cakes and the skewers may begin to slouch, warping the presentation.


Rowaida said...

Looks delicious love the photos

Bird said...

Oh I heart bunting too! :)
YUMMY cake!!

postcards and pretties said...

love the colors on the bunting and the cake looks good too!

lcsmom said...

Love the fabric. I just made one for my daughter's birthday out of paper.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely stunning idea and DIY tutorial. Love the photographs. Great work!

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