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Dessert Table: A Candy-Coated Shower

The newest issue of MSW features candy store owner (and daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren) Dylan Lauren's pink and yellow bridal shower. Of course, the event is filled with tons of candy of every kind. Since MSW editor Darcy Miller hosted the party, there are also a lot of great details throughout.

Be sure to notice the gumball backdrop, sugar flower bouquet, and candy rings. Also check out the gumball garland on the stairs. You can make your own using the same concept I used in February to create these gumball bracelets. Check out the tutorial here.

I love the idea of a candy-centric shower, and those custom candy rings are awesome. What's your favorite element of the party?

images via MSW


Chic Done Cheap said...

I love the decorations on the stair railing!

-Chic Done Cheap

Aly said...

Absolutely the custom candy rings, but truly all of the details are beyond imagination. Amazing!

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