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Sweet Brands: Mammoth Supply Company

Think about some of the ice cream ads you've seen. Usually, they're geared to women and show ice cream as an indulgent treat at the end of a long day. Or, they show a mom lovingly giving her kids a treat. But, it's pretty rare that an ice cream ad is geared toward men. Well, when Shine set out to design packaging and ads for Mammoth Supply Co.'s ice cream, they tackled that task.
Do you think Shine was successful in designing "manly" ice cream packaging?

If you want to see more guy-friendly Mammoth Supply Co. products, listen to the funny radio ads, or see the commercials, check out Shine's website.

images via Lovely Package


Anonymous said...

I think Shine was successful in creating homophobic and sexist packaging, yes. But personally I don't care for anything that reinforces hetero-normative, gender based stereotypes. Ick.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi anonymous, I can understand what you're saying but if you read further into the thoughts behind the brand and Shine's design they specifically say that they don't aim to be misogynistic and instead try to speak to the often overlooked male demo in this category.

As a sociology minor, I'm always hyper aware of intolerance and bigotry of any kind. I didn't find these ads offensive to gay men or condescending, but I appreciate your comment and your input.

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