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Sweet Brands: Thomas Haas Sparkle Cookies

Designed by Cameron Snelgar at Sorachief Design Ltd set out to redesign the box for Thomas Haas' ready-to-eat and bake-at-home Chocolate Sparkles cookies. The designer explains, "Despite the differences between the tray and the home bake box, it was important that the two packages interrelated. That provided good reason for including the angled sides on the tray. It was very important the tray fold flat for shipping; efficiently open and assemble for the delicate process of hand filling and anchor the cookies even when lifted by the cellophane. The folding tabs ensure a finished top edge and the anchoring of the cookies…they also prevent one from eating all of the cookies at once."
It's amazing the amount of thought that goes into a cookie box. I wouldn't have ever guessed. What do you think of the Chocolate Sparkle Cookies box?

images via The Dieline

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Wow, this would make a chic and unusual wedding favor!

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