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Guest Desserts: Cake Banner Printable

Melissa of The Faux Martha has submitted a couple of great Guest Desserts goodies to Sweet Tooth, and she's back with another one. This printable cake banner's "Congrats!" message can be used for birthdays, weddings, graduations, really any celebratory event. In case that sentiment doesn't really fit your intentions, there's also a blank version of the banner that you can print on pretty patterned paper and add your own message.
Thanks for another great Guest Desserts submission, Melissa! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Want to give this simple DIY a try? You'll only need a few supplies. And, if you have a recipe, project, or giveaway to share, check out the Submissions page to see yourself featured on Sweet Tooth.

How-to:1. Make a chocolate chip cake, or another one of your choosing.
2. Pick out some pretty scrapbook paper. It needs to be able to run through your printer and light enough in color so you can see the ink when you print.
3. Download the cake banner template.
4. Print the template on your pretty paper.
5. If you have crayons lying around the house, pick one color and do a little shading within the letters.
6. Trim out leaving the edges visible. (We’re going shabby chic here.)
7. Adhere banner to skewers or something similar.
8. Adorn your cake and celebrate!

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VICKI IN AZ said...

so cute thank you ♥

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