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Tutorial: Painted Ombre Cookies

I was creating the October gift guide for my husband's blog, Well-Groomed, and came across this yummy tutorial. Decorating cookies is a lot easier than you'd think. Remember these monogram chalkboard cookies I created? Well, this ombre cookie tutorial from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle is just as simple with equally stunning results.
Use a paper guide to keep your lines straight and apply your gradients of color to each third of your cookie.
As with all stenciled designs, I love that this allows you to create a clean design without a super-steady hand or years of practice. Isn't this delicious?

Looking for more ombre sweets? Check out this and this classic Sweet Tooth post.


Rowaida said...

Love love these cookies so classical and beautiful

galoobzzz said...

These look amazing! I hope they are easy to make. Can't wait to try this out.

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