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Guest Desserts: Marc Jacobs Dessert Table

I recently received a Lola-inspired dessert table submission from stylist Kimberly Lawson. Using Marc Jacobs' latest fragrance to influence her design, she teamed up with culinary artist Mai Giffard, and photog Vanessa Cabrillas of Nes Photographs to bring the creation to life.

Kimberly asked me to give her some feedback about her design, so I'm piping up with my two cents. 
I love the color palette and that the inspiration wasn't in any way food related. Often, I'll see dessert tables that were inspired by someone else's dessert table. With that said, I think there are some parts of your design that you could tweak to make it even better. While I love the tall tissue poms and apothecary jars of candy, they overshadow the cake, which is your centerpiece. If your client requests a small cake, consider elevating it on a cake stand or platform. You know I love lilac, so the color of the cake is lovely to me, but it is one of the palest items on the table, again, making it easy to overlook when surrounded by bold colored sweets and a busy background. Just compensate for these things in your design so you can better guide the client's eye as they take it all in.
Thanks again for sharing your work, Kimberly!

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Rowaida said...

Beautiful table I love her style and work. I admired this table in the summer. Beautiful colors.

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