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Procrastinators Rejoice: Holiday Cards from Pinhole Press

Every year, I scramble to mail out holiday cards after juggling work, home, and everything else that consumes my day. Thankfully, this year the crew at Pinhole Press has invited me to try out their holiday cards. Even better, if you order your cards, and enter sweet tooth at checkout, you'll receive a 33% discount on your order (use code: sweettooth at checkout). And, you can still get them by Christmas. Crazy, right? 
Personalized Gifts | Pinhole Press Holiday Cards | Sweet Tooth
I ordered those. Hello, candy striped back! I'm even saving myself a trip to the store, because it's -1000 degrees here, by ordering a personalized memory game as a gift for the kids. I added pics of the kids, their friends, our family, and of course some sweet desserts I made this year to the deck. The girls will love playing with their new memory game Christmas morning.
Personalized Gifts | Pinhole Press Memory Games | Sweet Tooth

For procrastinators and perpetually busy people like me, Pinhole Press' general holiday cards are a godsend. Here are a few other designs that won't corner you into a Dec 25th deadline. 

Seriously, 33% off your order (use the code: sweettooth) is worth putting your procrastination on hold. Don't wait another minute. Go now!

my family pic by: Angela Rose Photography

This post was sponsored by Pinhole Press, but I genuinely love their clean, modern designs. If I didn't, I wouldn't share their products with you. Trust.

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Bellenza said...

Beautiful designs! I love the personalized memory game ♥ What a cute and fun idea for the holidays!

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