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Behind the Scenes: Magazine Shoot Prep II

This week, I'm taking you all along as I design a dessert table for a magazine feature and source the items I need to bring all of the elements together. After selecting a color palette and mapping out the dessert table's design, it was time to go shopping for the ribbons, fabric, and vessels I need. First up, a stop at Jo-Ann for fabrics.
I wanted some heavier weights for the fabric elements of the design, so I checked out the apparel section for chilly weather fabrics. These fabrics don't work for this project, but I still like to look at all of my options. Inspiration might strike that leads you in a new fresh direction, so it's always good to keep your eyes open for alternatives.

These moleskins were a better match for the warmth and texture I wanted, but still not quite right. After a lot of searching, I decided to go with caramel-hued burlap, wool, and corduroy.
I also needed ribbon. For this project, satin and grosgrain just didn't seem to fit the warm, cozy vibe I'm looking for. But, I definitely had a lot of options to choose from.
I grabbed a green, translucent ribbon. I'm still not sure that it will be used, but it fits the color palette and the no-fuss, down-home feel that I want.

Next, I visited Bachman's. Here, I hoped to find a flower vase that with a refined, rustic look. Bachman's is a Twin Cities-based floral and gift shop. I've shopped here for several other dessert tables, because they have a great selection of garden and outdoor decor. I loved the urns and potted ivy, but they weren't quite right for this project.
As I walked around, I found so many ideas that would be perfect for other designs. Bachman's has lots of vintage milk glass and unusual glass bottles with cork stoppers. I'll have to remember that in the future.
One of my coolest finds at Bachman's was this corrugated cardboard riser. It would be great for displaying glass jars full of candy, or as an eco-friendly, recyclable cupcake tower for an environmentally-focused event or client.

I still need a few more types of ribbon, so one last stop to a larger fabric store was in order. There were so many different types of trim. Suede cords, leather fringe, and bedazzled trim of all kinds. I chose a chocolate brown, velvety cord.
Even though I didn't find the vase I was looking for (I ended up making my own last night), the trip was still totally worthwhile. I saw items that sparked inspiration for future projects, and other hard-to-find goodies.

If you follow along on Twitter or Facebook, then you already know that I also got two more Minnesota vendors onboard for the project last night. One, is Sheela of Cake Eater Bakery, and the other is a Brainerd-based crafter. Early this morning (about 6 am), I added another local baker to the team.

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