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Dessert Meets Design: Understory Chocolatiers

When I started Shauna Younge Dessert Tables, I chose the slogan, "Dessert Meets Design" because I truly feel that sweets deserve more attention to detail than simply focusing on the flavor. That's why I really appreciate when a company goes above and beyond to brand themselves and attractively package and design their goodies.

Underscore Chocolatiers has a gorgeous bottle and packaging system for their chocolate products, making even the wrappers and tins look melt-in-your-mouth silky smooth.
Understory makes dark chocolate milk, chocolate bark (in the bag on the right), cocoa (in the tin on the left) and nicely packaged chocolate bars (in the front).
Look at these lovely wax seals. These little touches elevate this milk to another level. Something so pretty is gift-worthy. How often can you say that about something as mundane as milk?
This is a great example of dessert and design coming together. So tell me, are there any products you love because of the pretty packaging? 

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Leslie said...

I think I may have a use coming up for some of these products! The bottles look so pretty, thanks for the tip!

Jacinta said...

I love the wax seal. These look very tempting.
There is an Australian chocolate company called Haighs and they come in cute boxes and tins.

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