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10 Days of Craftsmas!: Day 4 - Merry Mistletoe

I've got two posts today, and the fourth day of the 10 Days of Craftsmas is the first. Maddy of Somewhere Splendid and I crafted this Merry Mistletoe as another decor element that works perfectly with a dessert table. Simply hang the mistletoe in front of the dessert table, and watch all of the hugs and kisses that ensue as family and friends approach to check out all of the sweets. Want to make this mistletoe for yourself? Keep reading.

If you've already gathered supplies for yesterday's Felt Ribbon Wreath, just add chenille stems to craft this doorway adornment. For a fresh update on traditional red and green mistletoe, I chose a winter white hue for my modern mistletoe.


chenille stems
glue gun and glue
thin rubber band
2" wide ribbon
¼" or ½" wide ribbon
this template


Cut out branches using the provided template. For a fuller look, cut additional copies of the smaller and medium sized branches.

Back each branch with a color coordinated chenille stem, securing the stem in place with hot glue. This will stiffen the branches and allow them to be hand-shaped for a more natural, wild look. Secure the longest branch to a length of 2" wide ribbon with a rubber band. Add additional branches by sliding each one under the rubber band. Position and hand-shape each branch to your liking, then cover the rubber band with the thinner width ribbon and tie in a bow to finish the look.

Be sure to come back later today for the second post about a really delicious candy favor idea.

If you're  joining the Craftsmas fun midstream, be sure to check out all of the projects in this holiday DIY series here.

images: Maddy Hague

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