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Dessert Meets Design: An H&M Holiday

Yesterday, I featured a reader's Guest Desserts submission. Laura invented this Brunette Torte for her pastry chef training final exam. If you haven't seen it, be sure to swing by and let Laura know what you think of her creation.

Now, on to today's first post. Perhaps you loved some of the great cookie recipes I featured in the Crafty Cookie Box tutorial for the 10 Days of Craftsmas, but you don't have time to stain and craft the box. Using H&M's holiday catalog as inspiration, I designed these fast favor presentation options using satin, lace, and tulle.

Here's H&M's holiday campaign:
I especially loved the lace peekaboo dress and the red headband on the model in the center image. The contrast of the black lace against her skin is really lovely. To recreate that in a favor, I dressed up a brown favor box in black lace and red satin ribbon (second row, far right).
You don't have to rely on boxes to contain your sweets. Simply create a ribbon-cinched tulle sack or a lace-wrapped cookie sleeve.
You really can find inspiration for your sweets anywhere. Next time you flip through your favorite magazine, think about reinterpreting an appealing ad into an unexpected dessert idea.

Later today, I'll be back with the fourth post in the Holiday Recipe Heaven series. If your holidays include an array of desserts, be sure to take a pic or two before everyone devours them. I'd love to share them as a Guest Desserts feature. Email me at info {at}

H&M image: The Demoiselle


Rowaida said...

This is beautiful! Love it
Happy Holiday! Wish you a blessed and wonderful year Shauna!

Sandi said...

Love the lace -- so sophisticated!

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