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Fuuuudge! & Week In Review

I'm sure we've all yelled out, "Oh Fuuuudge!" at one time or another, whether it was because your ten-year old self stopped before dropping the f-bomb in front of your parents, or because you just don't like to cuss.

This packaging design for homemade fudge by Kelly Anderson puts that common outburst front and center.
Did you notice that "FUUUUU" starts on one side and continues all the way around to the other with "UUDGE?" That's one long, drawn out pseudo-swear. 

Before you head off for the weekend, be sure to check out any of this week's posts that you might have missed.

Even kids would love this dessert sushi!
The button theme used to define this dessert table was perfectly executed.
I was blown away by the creative DIY projects for this kids Valentine's dessert table.
I love this video of Kate Spade's glittery cake.

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Have a happy Friday, everyone! See you next week.

1 comment:

Rowaida said...

The packaging is so modern love it and luuuuvv the fudge looks delicious. Wish you a wonderful weekend.

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