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Cupcake Liner Valentine's Crafts

Cupcake liner crafts are everywhere. We've seen them used as garland and as Christmas cones inspiration. This week, I discovered two new cupcake liner projects for Valentine's Day decor.

Kathleen of Twig & Thistle created this Valentine's heart wreath for Fossil's new DIY lookbook using a Styrofoam heart, cupcake liners, and hot glue. Why a watch company is interested in DIY projects, I'll never understand, but Kathleen's project is really simple and inexpensive.
This week's second cupcake liner craft is this pomander that I found on Kara's Party Ideas. Kara created this craft using the same simple components, Styrofoam, cupcake liners, and hot glue. To attach the liners to the foam ball, she used pearl head pins. Once completed, Kara used the pomanders to bookend her Valentine's dessert buffet.
Have you seen any other cupcake liner crafts popping up around the blogosphere?

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