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Dessert Trend: Veggie Cakes

Remember this incredibly life-like asparagus cake? Yesterday, I came across these cakes that are made to look like vegetable gardens. I don't remember seeing a lot of veggie sweets as a kid, so I wonder if this is a newer trend as people strive to get more and more creative with their confections.
No garden is complete with a gnome or two.
I love that the first cake even has the picket fence around the garden. That's a great touch that really completes the theme. I think the gnomes would be great party favors for the green thumbs in your life. I'm going to attempt my own veggie garden this year, and I'd love to have a veggie cake awaiting me when I finally get the garden up and running. Perhaps I'll whip one up.

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Katia Craig said...

Those gnomes look absolutely amazing! I wonder where in Sarasota can I get one of those, or at least ask someone to make one for me 'cause to be honest, I don't know how to cook LOL. I'll try looking for these after I get my new tooth implant from my dentist.

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