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Rainbow Brite Sweets

Last week, we revisited this classic Sweet Tooth post that was full of a spectrum of desserts. After the cold, rainy day that plagued Minneapolis yesterday, I was in the mood for a little more rainbow-y goodness. My search resulted in a crown jewel cake and spiral cookies by Sprinkle Bakes. I've never seen a cake quite like this before.

Crown jewel cake can feature as many colors as you choose. Simply color unflavored gelatin to match your party's theme. I like how the sprinkles are dusted on the tabletop like edible confetti. It's so festive (and inexpensive).
A cake as colorful as the crown jewel needs an equally vibrant counterpart. These colorful spiral cookies are perfect.
Both of these colorful desserts helped brighten what was a dreary, grey day. They both just seem so, well, fun. There's nothing stodgy or serious about them. 

Have you seen a jewel cake like this before? 


Rowaida said...

This is so colorful love it

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

The jewel cake is such a neat idea!

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