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Week In Review & Polka Dot Cake

This week, I was busy prepping for a couple of different photo shoots, researching candies, and designing several dessert tables.  We also had a lot of great posts that got you guys talking, which is great. Many of you have become regular commenters here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and I'm thrilled to here your thoughts about the posts and about what's going on around the SYDT office. Thanks so much for joining the discussion!

On Sweet Tooth:

We toured a creamery that specializes in liqueur-enfused ice creams .
These "stitched" cakes from the latest issue of MSW were inspiring.
I shared a collage of flag cake toppers that you all loved.
A reader submitted this enchanted dessert table.

On The Sweet Life:

I shared a pics of a local restaurant's fried dessert.
Facebook followers weighed in on this ice cream trend.

Have a great weekend. I'll see you back here on Monday.

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image via Pinterest


Rowaida said...

Hi Shauna this is a gorgeous cake and the previous post was beautiful love Karin's table. I want to wish you best of luck on your project looking forward to seeing your amazing work. Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Want to share my Bouquet inspired cake with you, xo

Rowaida said...

oh I meant Katie's beautiful table

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

That's an awesome cake, Rowaida! Very pretty. Have a fabulous weekend. ;)

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