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Guest Desserts: Easter Feast

Today's Guest Desserts feature was submitted by Rowaida, who you may remember also submitted this Halloween and this Christmas dessert table a few months ago. Well, she's back at it and designing dessert tables for her friends and their children to celebrate Easter. I'll let her tell us a little about her table.

from Rowaida: Yesterday had some friends with their kids over for lunch and made a simple Easter dessert table. Want to share it with you. Hope you like the photos. I only took a few. I baked and decorated the cupcakes, egg shape cookies, and small cakes, made it simple with spring colors. The tablecloth is Cath Kidston. [We] had jelly beans and egg chocolate favors for the kids in colorful small buckets.

Thank you for submitting your Easter dessert table, Rowaida! It's so colorful and the striped linens add great contrast to the overall design.

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Rowaida said...

Hi Shauna, Thank you so much for featuring my dessert table. It was a beautiful day.

bidahomes said...

Love her style and talent. Does she have a blog, flickr or tumblr?
Your blog is beautiful

Rowaida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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