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Sweet Advice: What Desserts Do I Serve?

You you know I'm all over the interwebs connecting with you guys about all kinds of things. Today, I'm responding to one reader's question that I got on Facebook.

Keri said, "Hi Shauna, I'm a fan from Seattle. I'm doing a dessert table for a 1 yr old's party for about 20 people. I was trying to figure out how many types of dessert I should do and how many of each dessert. Can you recommend what desserts would make a well-rounded dessert table?"

Hi Keri, thanks for the question! I have some bad news, there's no right answer for this because your group of 20 is different from any other group of 20. But, I can give you a little help. Since this party will probably have a lot of kids in attendance, make the desserts small, easy to eat, and simple. This isn't the time for cheesecakes and pavlovas. Choose desserts that spark childhood nostalgia for the adult guests, and they'll also please the little ones. Cupcakes and cookies are timeless classics. If you want to add a sophisticated vibe that's still kid-friendly, consider macarons.

With kids, you want to be aware of any food no-nos. A 1 yr old shouldn't eat any dessert with raw honey. Also avoid choking hazards that might get in the wrong hands, like gum balls, popcorn, and hard candy. With any group, you want to be sensitive to people's allergies or dietary restrictions. A lot of kids have nut allergies, and older guests may be diabetic and need sugar free options.

As far as quantity goes, remember that some guests won't eat any dessert (crazy people), some will eat one or two items, and some people (sugar addicts like me) will eat one of everything. You don't need twenty of every treat. Instead, make sure the more common/popular items are represented in larger quantities than unconventional items/flavors.

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Tokyopop24 said...

This is great info! Thank you! I was going to do popcorn too, but now ill save it for another table!

Tokyopop24 said...

This is great info! Thank you! I was going to do popcorn too, but now ill save it for another table!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Great tips! We often forget that ease of serving is just as important as how yummy our party treats are!

Jeane M. said...

Brilliant! Learned so much from here, thanks for the heads up! Got my eye on your next posts.

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