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November 4, 2010

Sweet Inspiration

Sometimes, I encounter an event that calls for an unexpected color palette. I love mixing and matching unconventional colors, but it can be difficult to find coordinating candies and sweets. This shoot gave me particular trouble. Finding foods that worked with the color palette without creating a gloomy, forlorn feeling was tough.

Anyway, those struggles are exactly why I'm so enthralled with Somewhere Splendid's dessert and candy-based color palettes. This pink, yellow, and white palette has lots of coordinating candies.
Instead of starting with a random palette and then finding desserts to coordinate, these boards help you to visualize exactly the types of treats that go along with your party's theme. Turquoise, bright green, and white also make a lovely combo.
 Check out Somewhere Splendid to find out where to get each color-coordinated treat.


Ms Jessica said...

Love your site. I've been spreading the word. I really like the Pink & Yellow & White theme. I really wish I knew about this before my last event. Takes the "guess work" out of finding treats that coordinate.

PartyMom said...

Great post! The cake with the gears on it is fantastic! You are truly talented!

JC's Loft said...

So pretty! I love the "H" monogram!

JaimeQ. said...

Where did you find the blue cake plates and other platters? They're lovely!

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi JC's Loft,

Thanks so much! I imagined that Alice was marrying a guy named Matt Hatter, instead of the Mad Hatter so their new last name would be Hatter.



Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi JaimeQ,

Thanks for the question. I made the stands from vintage candlesticks and various round plates. To make them appear more cohesive, I painted them all one uniform color.



♥Fran♥ said...

Whta can i say....sooo cute!

Dr. Meow, III, Esq. said...

They're adorable! Do you use a special paint that's food safe? Or just put something between them and the food? Sorry to pester! But I may have to do this myself! :)

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Hi Dr. Meow III, Esq.

Love the screen name! You can use a nice patterned paper (or solid, if you prefer) to create a barrier between the food and paint. Be sure to choose a paper that's within the table's color palette and style to add a nice design element that compliments, rather than distracts from the overall look.

Hope that helps, and thanks for asking. I hope you'll come back and share some pics of your work.



Dr. Meow, III, Esq. said...

Thanks for the info! :)

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