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Week In Review & Designer Cupcakes

Food and fashion, who could ask for anything more? I found these designer cupcakes by Made Fresh Daily on The Demoiselle, and I just love the tiny details captured on each miniature luxury bag. Just look at the "stitching" on that little Gucci bag (pic #4).
Along with these designer delights, we had several other delectable posts this week.

On Sweet Tooth:

We chatted on Facebook about which of these designer cupcake boxes we liked best.
An asparagus cake and these sweet veggie gardens made greenery a little easier to swallow.
I saw a crown jewel cake for the first time, and immediately found a great cookie to pair with it.
We all practiced pronouncing "croquembouche" and learned a little about the towering French dessert.

If you find pictures of delicious desserts that you want to share, upload them to the Shauna Younge Dessert Tables Facebook fan page. Or, swing by to leave comments on the pics that other readers are sharing.

Have a great weekend!


Rowaida said...

WOW!!! these are amazing. have a wonderful weekend Shauna

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious! And amazing!

La Dinette said...

What a nice post, it's not featured here but i would have love to eat a cupcake purse on a cupcake!

Blogger said...

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